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Friend of mine Steven Sullivan found love, and has decided to follow everything and head to Germany! Couldn’t be happier for you my friend! Wish you the best! Kyle, Zac and I decided to head up to Winthrop and film a bit before he left. Little did we know he had an AMAZING waterfall picked out to take us to! Hope you enjoy!

Steven from John Akin on Vimeo.

Hung out with Steven up in Winthrop for the day. Got to chill before made the big move. Had a blast, can't wait to go back to the falls in the summer!

“Hunter Bailey 3.5″

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Good friend of mine Hunter Bailey made it over my way for the day to film. We decided to throw together a .5 edit since it’s been forever since his last! Hope you enjoy!!

Hunter Bailey – Kendama Edit 3.5 – Kendama-Co from John Akin on Vimeo.

Hunter Bailey
Shot/Cut: John Akin vimeo.com/johnakin
True Hard Core Board Shop

Which one are you?
Join the revolution!
Contact Hunter Bailey to find out more!

“Catching Up”

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Had an unimaginably busy summer! So many video shoots, trips, friends, family..Couldn’t have had a better 2013

Kendama Co – SpoTown ThrowDown

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Got in contact with the guys at Kendama Co and they decided to have me come out to an event they were attending, SpoTown ThrowDown. Of course I jumped on the opportunity to film with some of the most amazing Kendama players from around the world! Our initial goal was for a 5-7 minute edit, that ended up doubling! Hope you enjoy the 17 minutes of slaying!

Kendama Co: SpoTown Throwdown from Kendama Co on Vimeo.

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Happy Easter 2013!!

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Glorious Easter Sunday at home with the girls :) Decided to make a little family edit, and I couldn’t be happier how it turned out!

Paxton Rhae Akin’s First Easter 2013 from John Akin on Vimeo.

Shot while Lex wax putting away some clothes in the morning, and Pax rummaging through her easter basket :)

Hope we brought a smile to your faces!

Macklemore BomBom Music Video Contest!

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Good friend Kyle, my girlfriend Alexa and my daughter Paxton helped me conceive and shoot an entry to the Macklemore BomBom Music Video Contest!

BomBom – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Feat. The Teaching) (Contest Entry) from John Akin on Vimeo.

Contest entry to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis!
This track was an emotional roller coaster, and I wanted to accentuate every part. Shot over the course of 13 days, before & after work, including weekends! This is the greatest video I’ve ever had the opportunity to develop! This is my first short where I had the ability to create the entire story, no holding back, and without dialog! Really hope to see Macklemore at one of our states largest music festivals!

Shot/Cut by
John Akin

Kyle Curtis
Alexa Lancaster
Paxton Akin
Bob Curtis

Lumix GH2 – Canon 50mm f1.8 – Canon 28mm f2.8 – Lumix 14-140mm, Rokinon 7.5mm f3.5 – Fotodiox Macro Tube

Huge shout out to everyone that helped! Kyle, Lex, Pax, Bob, Garrett for letting us shoot the party scenes at his place, and everyone that came! Mike/Dan for all the feedback along the way! Helped shape the video more than you know!

****VIdeo Description*******
A glimpse into the eyes of a man who lost his family in a terrible accident leaving him the only one alive.

Additional Footage
Provided By
Charley Voorhis
Tim Cash

Color Grading

Blue Scholars – Cinemetropolis Music Video Contest

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Qutie sometime back my friend Johnny Berg and I decided to make an entry to the Blue Scholars Cinemetropolis Music Video Constest! We had a blast and I love how it turned out, even though we didn’t win!


Blue Scholars – Cinemetropolis Contest Entry – Marion Sunshine from John Akin on Vimeo.

This is my entry for the Blue Scholar Cinemetropolis Video Contest.
Shot and Edited by
John Akin

I used the song Marion Sunshine, and I loosely based the video off the lyrics. I storyboarded, shot, and edited this in under 2 weeks.

I wanna thank Johnny Berg & Carson Woolshlager for being a part of the movie.

Shot on:
Lumix Gh1
Canon 50mm F1.8
Canon 28mm F2.8
Lumix G Vario 14-42mm f3.5

Special thanks to Noname Skate Wax
Get your butter on @ www.SkateNoname.com


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I stumbled upon a great band here where I currently live in Omak Washington, and instantly knew I had to capture their energy! We had a few great sessions and you can see everything on the channel at


GOOD4U – Drive from John Akin on Vimeo.

GOOD4U Playing Drive!
Located at the Good Studios in Okanogan Washington.
Shot & Cut : John Akin
Key Grip: Kyle Curtis


Noname Skate Wax

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I ran Noname Skate Wax for a little over a year, and had some great times with the guys! You can checkout all the video’s here

NONAME Skate Wax – The Butter Trail Day 2 from John Akin on Vimeo.

Big shout out to +Red Elixir for the trip! The drinks were amazing!

The Noname team got the opportunity to skate Windells Skatepark with friends from 6 Cents Skateshop!

Derrik Kinzebach
Joshua Johnson
Rylan Mclaren
Justin Doss
Jeff Butler
Daniel Eastman
Keifer Becker
River Latella

Thanks again to our sponsors! Couldn’t have done any of this without you!
+Red Elixir
Diecut Stickers
Rockstar Bearings
6Cents Skateshop
Prints Underground

Buy some butter today!

Stay tuned for day 3!

Bloc Party – Octopus
Knife Party – Centipede
The Entertainer

Day Hike – Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

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While back Alexa, Kyle and I decided to go try and find a “Waterfall” that was behind our aparments..We failed the first time, but were determined to find it! I think you could call this a waterfall…It’s probably only 6-10 feet tall though…Still had a fun day getting out into the sticks!

Day Hike from John Akin on Vimeo.

Shot & Cut
John Akin

Alexa Lancaster
Paxton Akin
Kyle Curtis

Sweet Brown – Aint nobody got time fo dat
(AutoTune Remix)

Shot on Lumix GH2, 7-14mm.