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Friend of mine Steven Sullivan found love, and has decided to follow everything and head to Germany! Couldn’t be happier for you my friend! Wish you the best! Kyle, Zac and I decided to head up to Winthrop and film a bit before he left. Little did we know he had an AMAZING waterfall picked out to take us to! Hope you enjoy!

Steven from John Akin on Vimeo.

Hung out with Steven up in Winthrop for the day. Got to chill before made the big move. Had a blast, can't wait to go back to the falls in the summer!

“Hunter Bailey 3.5″

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Good friend of mine Hunter Bailey made it over my way for the day to film. We decided to throw together a .5 edit since it’s been forever since his last! Hope you enjoy!!

Hunter Bailey – Kendama Edit 3.5 – Kendama-Co from John Akin on Vimeo.

Hunter Bailey
Shot/Cut: John Akin vimeo.com/johnakin
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Kendama Co – SpoTown ThrowDown

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Got in contact with the guys at Kendama Co and they decided to have me come out to an event they were attending, SpoTown ThrowDown. Of course I jumped on the opportunity to film with some of the most amazing Kendama players from around the world! Our initial goal was for a 5-7 minute edit, that ended up doubling! Hope you enjoy the 17 minutes of slaying!

Kendama Co: SpoTown Throwdown from Kendama Co on Vimeo.

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